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How To Keep Your Dog Safe During Walks

Mark your calendar for March 30th — Take a Walk in the Park Day! This day is an ideal opportunity to appreciate nature with your furry pal, but be sure not to overlook potential dangers. As you traverse the outdoors with your pup, ensure that you remain aware of these issues. 

#1: Dogs and dog parks

Exercise caution when around other dogs, as even the friendliest of pups may be perceived as a potential threat. Be observant of your pet’s body language – if they seem nervous or tense, it would be wise to maintain some distance and take them away from the area immediately. If you are able, try to avoid dog parks during peak times in order to prevent any possible conflicts between multiple dogs. By taking these precautions beforehand, both you and your pup will remain safe! 

#2: Leash dangers

When heading to the park, be mindful of any oncoming traffic, such as cars, bikes and pedestrians. Make sure your pet is close by since they can easily dart into the road or trip someone with an unlocked retractable leash if they spot a squirrel. For everyone’s safety (and sanity) keep them securely fastened at all times – you don’t want their lead breaking when trying to chase after something! 

#3: Fleas, ticks, and other parasites

Make sure your pet is safe from nasty parasites at the park by administering preventatives year-round and being vigilant when you get back home. Fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and intestinal pests love to inhabit parks since they have easy access to their perfect hosts – don’t let them latch onto your cherished friend! By checking for bugs head-to-toe upon returning home each time you go out in nature with your furry pal, you can keep them healthy and happy. 

#4: Wild animals

As your furry companion explores the park, they may encounter wild animal nests and resting places. These animals will generally run off when people or pets come near them. However, some might become aggressive if you get too close to their food source or young ones. Furthermore, these creatures frequently carry diseases and parasites that could prove harmful for both humans and pets alike; it is, therefore, best to leave them alone while out on a stroll! 

If you and your pet love life outdoors, make sure they enjoy it even more with proper preventative care that safeguards them from parasites and infectious diseases. Schedule a wellness appointment now to ensure the wellness of your beloved companion – contact our office today!